EcoDesign bois bourgogne
About the EcoDesign Bois Bourgogne Quality Label

EcoDesign is a design concept that protects the environment right from the start. In other words, in addition to the usual design criteria, environmental considerations for the whole life-cycle of the piece are taken into account, from the extraction of the natural resources used as raw materials, until it is disposed of. The idea is not to manufacture pieces that have zero impact on the environment but goods that have the same purpose and are better designed because their negative impacts on the environment have been anticipated and attenuated.

Businesses and designers have adopted the EcoDesign approach, making progress at their own pace and looking to achieve permanent improvement all the time. Each product is an illustration of reduced impact on the environment: less waste and energy-producing content, less different types of raw materials to facilitate repairs, dismounting and reprocessing, parts that can be assembled without glue, optimising the space required for transport and storage, and so on.

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A project with Designer Eric Benqué


The desk was designed by Eric Benqué and manufactured by our craftsmen with the assistance of Cadres Gault for the gild work.
For further details or if you wish to buy this piece, please contact us.


A project with Nicolas Aubagnac

"Cluny" table

A Burgundy oak table with an oiled finish. Oak ink-stained legs, two extensions available on option. (white gum, PVAC, biomass value, genuine cabinetry piece made to last for several generations).
For further details, please ask.