étude dagencement pour une boiserie
Interior fittings

We can make any kind of furniture and fittings, whatever you like and whatever style you choose.
Choose your own decor!

All our pieces are crafted to EcoDesign bois Bourgogne standards.



EcoDesign Burgundy oak woodwork. Oil or polish finishes. Made-to-measure period woodwork.


Cabinets and wardrobes

Made-to-measure cabinets and wardrobes

Sets of furniture

Sets of contemporary style cabinets



Sets of traditional woodwork and cabinetry



Fitted or free-standing bookcases, as you like. 

Cabinet front

Three-door cabinet front. Inset polished aluminium strip.


Revolving bookcase

Dyed veneer on a several ply gloss paint finish. For further details, please ask.



Gloss-painted MDF and wood veneer. For further details, please ask.



Gloss painted oak panels and veneer. For further details, please ask.


Cherry display cabinet / bookcase - gold-leaf gilded moulding

Cherry, gold-leaf gilded moulding. Two sliding doors, solid wood, for use as a display cabinet or bookshelves.
 Height 2.30m - Depth 0.40m - Width 1.80m